Avoid These 10 Vacation Packing Mistakes

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10 sure ways to ruin your summer vacation are right here. Making these packing mistakes are the difference between a great a holiday and a “get me home” holiday. But not to worry, North Shore Mini Storage has you covered. So lets jump right into it with number 1.

Vacation Packing Mistakes

1. Passport

Assuming your vacation is taking you out of Canada (and you haven’t read our great Canadian vacation post), forgetting your passport will definitely have you miss your flight. This also goes for passports that are expired, so double and triple check before you leave.

2. Assuming The Weather

It never rains in Greece right? Probably a pretty common assumption for most people. but forgetting to check the forecast if definitely going to put a damper on your vacation.

3. Pack too Much

No one likes paying overweight baggage fees, so keep things light and always leave room for souvenirs.

4. No Space Left

If you finish packing and you need 3 people to stand on your suitcase so you can close it, you packed too much. You will want to bring things home so leave a bit of room at the end.

5. Leave Your Guns at Home

No, not your biceps, but firearms and everything else considered prohibited by airlines. Arguing with airport security about a pocket knife will cause you delays and you won’t win. Leave those items at home.

6. No List

A great way to make sure you packed everything you need is to make a list. Make one before you pack and tick off the items as they go in. Keep this list with you as when you are packing up to leave you will know if you forgot something.

7. Ignorance of Cultures

Travelling somewhere in the middle east? If you are a women, no matter if you like it or not, a skimpy dress and short shorts might not be the best idea. Do some research if you aren’t sure about what local cultures find offensive. You are a guest.

8. Not Planning

Think about your days abroad and the places you will go. Are you going to visit a beach? Pack a swimsuit. Going to a fancy dinner? Pack a nice outfit. A little forethought will help out.

9. Not Packing Essentials

If you think that you can just buy your daily items in the place you are visiting, think again. Not every country sells the same brand moisturizer you use. Pack you daily essentials before you leave.

10. No Local Currency

A very common thing is to not pack any local currency at all. You will be ripped off at the airport. If you plan to buy currency at your destination, do it somewhere local and not the airport. Bring at least $100 in local currency to help with airport transfers etc.

 Don’t make these packing mistakes and we wish you a great vacation! We are always here if you need to store some items before you leave.

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