Moving Back Home? Here are 5 Tips to Help

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It happens. After being away from home for work, university or maybe just a gap year in another country, it’s time to move back into your parent’s house. While you may not be excited to go back to living with mom and dad, they may feel the exact same way, so here are some things you should keep in mind.

How to Move Back Home

It’s a Privilege

Don’t take moving back in with your parents for granted. It’s important to realize that your family is doing you a favour, and you should be grateful for them taking you back in without charging you (hopefully).

Have an Exit Strategy

One way to show your parents this is just a temporary situation is to have an exit strategy. If you are not employed, you should begin looking for a job immediately and assure your parents that you are doing your best to try and move out so they can have their privacy back.

Help Out

Just because you’re classified as an adult now doesn’t mean you don’t have any obligations to help out at home. The chores you had to do when you were 17 might still apply when you’re 24 and if they don’t, you should make an effort to help around the house.

Be Respectful

The shoes you used to carelessly kick off at the door, the dishes you used to leave in the sink and the areas you left a mess after using; those are a thing of the past. Respecting your parent’s home is key to having a good relationship with your folks when moving back home.

Only Bring So Much

Your old house probably has a lot of things still around that you grew up with. When moving back home, it’s important to realize you can’t bring a truckload of your things and take up a ton of space. Part of being respectful is to realize your parents likely made adjustments after you left home and like the way everything is set up. You don’t need to bring your whole living room set and put it in the guest bedroom. Throw anything big in your garage if you have one or a storage facility for the mean time so you don’t overwhelm your new roommates.

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