Moving Plants & Doing it Right

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If you have a green thumb, chances are that when you move, you will be moving with your plants. It may seem straight forward, but moving plants comes with special considerations. The last thing you want is to have your plants die on you during the move or shortly after. It’s spring 2021 and every gardener is about to start planting so get a head start!

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Plants

Know The Law

If you are moving inside of Canada, then your plants are fine. If you are planning to move to Canada or to another country, you need to know the regulations that affect the importation of plants. There can be hefty fines or even jail time if you try and import a banned or invasive species.

Transfer Preparation

Move any plants from breakable pots, such as clay, to plastic containers. Having pots break during your move will cause a huge mess and possibly kill the plants.

You will want to prune or trim any plants in order to make them smaller and easier to transport. Two days before your move, water your plants. Watering plants too soon before a move will result in a wet backseat or trunk. You also want to check for bugs and insects trying to hitch a ride, you do not want them to come with you.

Pack Tightly

When packing plants, make sure to use open topped containers, milk crates are great for this. If you have the containers that the plants originally came with that’s also a great idea. You don’t want to keep them in darkness for too long, lots and sun and fresh air is best.

Unpack Immediately

Leaving plants sitting in a car or moving truck can cause them to die quickly. It’s best to unpack and replant them as quick as you can. Getting them settled in your new home fast is key to keeping them alive and well.

Need to store some plants? While we can’t have any live plants inside our storage units, you can store seeds and tools!

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