Why You Shouldn’t Store Your Seasonal Items At Home

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Wow, it’s getting hot, and if you still have those winter clothes at home we don’t know what you are doing. You should not be storing your seasonal items at home, they take up too much usable space and cause you unneeded stress. It’s time to take a stand and store those seasonal items far from home.

Self Storage for Seasonal Storage


Some seasonal items you have might be very expensive. Homeowners or renters insurance might cover it, but expect your premiums to skyrocket. When you choose to store these expensive seasonal items at a storage facility, you get the benefit of tight security and around the clock monitoring.

Holidays Once a Year

Last we checked, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and every other major holiday comes once per year. So why would you store your decorations for these holidays at your home all year long? It makes no sense, what we suggest to clean out that storage space and collect all your holiday decorations and transport them to a storage facility. Grab them when you need and use that extra space for more useful things.

Protect Them

In North Vancouver, it is very common to find an avid skier or snowboarder, and if you love the mountains then you love your gear. Make sure it protected by placing it inside a storage unit. Skis and Snowboards can be easily damaged by falls and other items. If you really wanna keep your equipment tip top, choose self storage.

Live Better

Tired of falling over all the clutter in your home? Well, fall no more, by storing those items you only use once a season you are able to free up your living space. More space for the things that really matter.

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