4 Things Home Inspectors Forget

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No one is perfect, and home inspectors shouldn’t be treated any different. They can forget certain things and cost you thousands of dollars down the line. To make sure that your home inspector does the best job possible, here are 4 things that they often forget to check.

Home Inspectors Forgetful Checklist

1. Pot Lighting

Having pot lighting in a home is great, but it could also spell disaster. Often times pot lighting is recessed into the ceiling to give it that flushed look, but home inspectors often forget to check them. They have to check and make sure that the back of the light (the part in the ceiling) is not in contact with any insulation. Failure to do so can result in a fire!

2. Windows

Sure they will check around the windows for leaks and aging caulking, but that’s not all you want looked at. They also have to check the measurements of the windows when open. Certain building codes require a specific minimum opening size in case you need to get out, because of a fire. This one could really save you and your families’ life one day!

3. Fire Separation

A major and deadly thing home inspectors often forget to check is fire separation. This means that they check the distances between items such as electrical boxes and possible fire sources (insulation, drywall etc). The failure to check these distances could result in house fire.

4. Water Drainage

The worst thing for a home is to have water drain onto the side of the home. This will cause foundation cracking, wood rot and a host of other problems. It’s the home inspectors job to make sure that all the water drain ways work and are free of obstructions. This goes for the roof as well, checking gutters and around any chimneys that might be a source of water build up.

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