Interior Units or Drive Up Units?

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Ah, the age-old self storage question, “Do I want drive-up or interior storage units?”. Well, this may not be on your mind, buts it a very important thing to consider when moving into a self storage location. At North Shore Mini Storage we offer interior units, but we do have a drive-up dock for those larger items too. Lets find out which you need.

Drive-Up Units v Interior Units

Keep in mind that both are options are great for self storage, it just depends on what you are storing.

Drive-Up Units

The main reason that people choose drive up units is that they are storing some very large items that cannot be easily carried. This type of unit is ideal if you are accessing your unit many times during the week/day. You can simply drive up and drop off your things. The doors are typically bigger on drive-up units, allowing for large furniture items to be easily stored. However, there are some major drawbacks to using drive-up units. The main one being the weather, with no cover, your things can become wet and damaged. There also is not an option for climate control, so if its cold out or boiling out, your items are susceptible to the temperature.

Interior Units

An interior unit is great, think of it like an extra closet or spare room. It’s very easy to walk in and organize the place, and most importantly, you stay dry. The weather has no effect here, rain, sun or snow, your items are well-protected. The time of day is also never an issue, dark or sunny, interior units are lit anyway. Unlike drive-in units, where you might be stranded in the dark. There are some downsides to interior units, you have to walk a bit further, no driving up. You must carry your items with you (we provided dollies) and the hours may be restricted.

Overall, both are a great choice, so its really a tie, and your choice will come down to what you are storing and how large it is.

North Shore Mini Storage offers climate-controlled interior units in North Vancouver, BC. Call today for a free quote on a storage space.

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