5 Must Have Home Emergency Items

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If you have lived in North Vancouver for any amount of time you know that the “Big One” is on its way. Many homes are not well-prepared for it. Each home should have some basic emergency items on hand. North Shore Mini Storage is here to makes sure you have these 5 home emergency items.

5 Home Emergency Items You Need

1. Battery Powered Radio and Flashlights

When an emergency strikes, chances are that the power will be out. If it happens during the night, you will be left in the dark without a flashlight. The only form of communication might be the radio, so make sure to have a small battery powered (or hand crank) radio in your emergency supplies.

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are generally overlooked. We tend to think that the box of band-aids in the bathroom will suffice. However, if you need more than that, it could be the difference between life and death. You can grab great first aid kits at any camping store, or military surplus store.

3. Food

If you are thinking takeout will be available during an emergency, think again. It’s very important to have a small store of canned (non-perishable) food on hand at all times. This can be anything from Tuna to canned pasta. Granola bars are great too and last a while.

4. Fire Extinguisher

More importantly, a working fire extinguisher. Many homes have these, but chances are you have never updated or checked if they are still good. These have expiry dates on them, so go give them a quick check. Having something as simple as a fire extinguisher can save your entire home.

5. Medication

If anyone in your family needs special medication, like asthma inhalers or nitrogen pills for heart conditions, include them in your emergency supplies. The absolute worst thing is to be without important medications and no way to get them. Remember to change them out often as they can expire.

If you are building a small home emergency supply, you can use a storage unit to store extra canned food and survival gear. Need help starting a survival supply? Checkout this great survival supply guide.

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