5 Things to Store While Selling your home

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When selling your home, it’s important to start to figure out what to store away to make your home look attractive to potential buyers. To get you started, we have 5 items that should make their way into storage before you list your home.

5 Items to Store When Selling Your Home


You may love that painting you found while on a vacation several years ago, but to potential buyers, artwork is often a turn off when looking at homes. Nobody has the same tastes, so be sure to store your favourite pieces and replace them with mirrors or neutral artwork.

Excess Items

If you love to read, but your books are barely hanging off of your shelves, it’s time to store them. Excess books, furniture and other household items should be stored in order to have a clean house and free up space for other more attractive items.

Personal Belongings

Whether it’s the family photo albums displayed on the mantel or the kids’ favourite stuffed toys, you should be storing these items. People who are looking to buy your home want to be able to envision living ¬†there and it just won’t be possible with personal items all over the house.

Unattractive or Large Furniture

The couch that grandma passed down that is covered in floral print and happens to take up half the room? It needs to be stored. People who professionally stage homes are often weary of keeping unsightly furniture in the home when it is being shown. You want to make your house as enticing as possible, so into storage it goes!

Lawn Items

Even before someone enters your home, they are wondering if they could see themselves living there. The long walk up to the front door can have a major impact on a buyer, so the garden gnomes, flamingos and old lawn chairs need to hit the road!

After all of these items have been carefully selected for storage, it’s time to find the right size unit and facility to house your items, here are some examples of sizes of storage units that are commonly found at warehouses.


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