5 Things to Throw Away Once You Graduate

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Are you a recent graduate? If so, we know that you have a ton of items from your college days that need to be thrown away. If you decide to put it off for too long, you may find that you will become cluttered and stressed out.

5 Things to Toss After You Graduate

1. Old T-Shirts

We all have old ratty t-shirts lying around, usually used for sleeping in that cramped dorm room, or wearing to a really early morning class. We suggest that you do away with the sentimental value and toss these out. If they are donate-able, go ahead and give them to someone who really need them.

2. Old Scientific Calculators

These things can still fetch a pretty penny, so we recommend that you look to sell your old calculators. Somewhere out there is a student who can’t afford to spend the $150+ on a new one. Let’s face it, you are never going to use it. Ever.

3. Old Furniture

The furniture that fit in well inside your dorm room, typically doesn’t do well outside that environment. Let’s make sure that your new home or apartment looks as little as a dorm as possible. It may be a good idea to try and sell some furniture, place it inside a storage unit for the time being.

4. Bottle Collection

The time has come and passed where it was cool to stockpile old beer cars and liquor bottles on your dorm room shelves. They may seem sentimental, but trust us, you will have many more booze filled nights in your young adulthood. Go recycle them and get some extra cash.

5. Notebooks

Unless you have younger friends taking the same classes as you, make sure that you toss out all those old notebooks. Paper is bulky and heavy and will take up way too much space for comfort.

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