5 Things That Won’t Sell Your Home

sell your home, 5 things

It’s 2021 and the housing market is hotter than ever! When it comes time to sell your home, it’s going to be a long and tough process. If you think selling a car is hard, try to sell something worth as much as a home. We have identified 5 things that make selling your home harder than it needs to be. So, if you can, avoid these 5 things.

Sell Your Home Faster Without These 5 Things

1. Clutter

Nobody wants to view a home that is totally cluttered up. You want to have as little stuff as you can before you start showing it. Prospective home buyers what to imagine themselves inside your home, and it becomes harder to do that when the home is filled with stuff that isn’t there. If you need some space to store some household items, we have great rates on self storage units.

2. Swimming Pool

Especially with this being North Vancouver, having a swimming pool isn’t exactly a “feature” but more likely a “liability”. We know it’s difficult to just remove a pool, but it may help to increase your asking price by quite a lot.

3. Cramped Layout

Having a home with a weird, awkward layout really doesn’t help its appeal. Too many walls is an issue, and if you can, you should try to knock some down. The style now is for a more modern, open living feeling. Gone are the days of one room for everything. Make each room flow into the next.

4. Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms you have has a direct effect on how much you will sell your home for. Think of 1 bathroom per 2 bedrooms. If your number is below this, consider adding one or two. Even a half bath is better than none.

5. Poor Decor

Well, you might not think that the decor is poor, but if you have a very distinct taste, it may not work for some people. You want to keep things simple, and neutral. Neutral colours and lots of floor space. If you need a place to store some of your unique decor, grab a storage unit.

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