6 DIY Weekend Projects

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If you have a little extra free time this weekend, and you feel like being productive, try these weekend projects. These 6 little projects will really spruce up your home and make you feel great afterwards. You don’t have to do all 6, but give one or two a shot.

Easy Weekend Projects

1. Fix ONE Piece of Furniture

Broken chair? Ripped couch? Fix it, but only choose one, it might take longer than you think. If you do this task each weekend, you won’t have any broken or ripped furniture. This easy task will have your husband or wife stewing in appreciation for your hard work.

2. Hallway Highlights

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Is your hallway or entrance way looking a little dull? Well, fix that right up by adding some hallway highlights. This can be in the form of some new paint, or even adding some art pieces to the wall. You want to create a contrast in order to highlight the hallway.

3. Mini Bathroom Reno

Is your bathroom looking dated? Do you still have linoleum flooring? Time to rip it up and give your bathroom a quick re-tile. There are tons of great guides on DIY tiling, your bathroom is a great space to start because the floor space is so small.

4. Declutter

Is your garage looking crowded? Time to take it back and finally start using it as intended, a parking space. If you are looking for a space to store those crowding items, checkout our self storage units. With great low rates, you can have your garage back in no time.

fence, paintbrush, stain

5. Fences

If your property fence looking a bit dull? Nothing says fresh like a new coat of paint or stain. We personally would opt for a stain, it looks more natural and lasts longer, but paint is always better than nothing. Make sure to test the stain on a small piece of the fence before you commit.

6. Fix That Leaky Faucet

Is the dripping driving you crazy? Besides a total waste of water, you should look into fixing any leaky faucets in your home. With a few simple tools and maybe some YouTube videos, your home should be leak free.

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