Avoid These Energy Saving Myths

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With tons of miss information out there, we decided that a good blog about energy saving myths was needed. A lot of the things you hear about saving energy is from generations ago and no longer valid. Make sure that you don’t fall into doing these “energy saving” things around your home.

Energy Saving Myths

1. Keep Electronics On

This is something that came about when computers and other electronic equipment was just coming around. The idea that turning them on used more power than keeping them running. While that may have been true 50 years ago, it’s a big fat MYTH now. Turn off your electronics when you are done.

2. Fans Cool a Room

Many people wrongly think that fans will lower the temperature of a room. Not true! Fans only circulate the air inside a room, so if you keep fans running in empty rooms you are wasting power. Only things like AC and our climate control actually reduce the air temperature. Keep fans off in empty rooms.

3. Fireplace Warms the House

This one might have some people up in arms, but fireplaces do NOTHING to warm the house up. They will warm the immediate room up, but in the house, the temperature will drop, increasing your heating costs. This is because a fireplace requires the chimney to be open, your house is losing heat through the chimney because hot air rises.

4. Freezer in The Garage

Many people believe that having your freezer in the garage will save on energy bills. Not true, the temperature in unheated (uninsulated) garages will vary quite a lot throughout the year. This rise and fall in temperatures means your freezer will have to work harder to keep the temperature stable. Keep your freezer lasting longer by having it inside the home.

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