The Best Cabin Closing Checklist

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Brr, it’s getting cold out there. It’s time to start thinking about closing up the cabin, cottage, boat house, and anything else that you consider “summer only”. Nothing is worse than leaving the cabin and realizing you forgot some important details. We have created a checklist to ensure that doesn’t happen. Check it out below. You only have a few weeks left until we leave summer 2021 behind, so best to start planning now.

Closing Cabin Checklist


Kitchen Cabinets and Fridge

  • Remove all the food and perishable items first, and store the items that need refrigeration in a cooler for now (or throw them out if not to be used). It’s a waste of electricity to keep that fridge or freezer running throughout the winter, so defrost and drain them. Don’t forget to unplug them before you leave, too. Wash any dishes and store them away so they are ready next spring. The more work you do now, the fewer needs to be done in the spring.


  • Remove all the sheets and wrap the sofas, mattresses, chairs and any other fabric furniture in plastic. Coming back next spring to find rodents have made a home inside your furniture will ruin your day.


  • It gets freezing during the winter, so make sure that if your water pipes aren’t properly insulated, you prepare them for winter. Some people opt to use an antifreeze agent in their pipes such as this one. This should also be the time that you inspect your plumbing to make sure there aren’t any cracks of leaks that will burst during the winter. Coming back to a cabin full of water will cost you thousands of dollars in repair.



  • If you have any broken windows or damaged screens, replace them before you leave. Broken windows will allow bugs and vermin to enter the cabin during your absence.


  • Boats, floaties and anything else meant for the lake should be properly stored away. Need a great boat storage checklist? We have one here for you. Get everything under cover to prevent the rain and snow from rusting them out.

Patio Furniture

  • Time to store away the deck chairs and tables. Put them in the shed and if you don’t have any more room, store them with North Shore Mini Storage. Just make sure you thoroughly clean all items before storage to keep them in the best condition for next spring. This all goes for all outdoor tools such as shovels and lawn mowers.

Final Check

  • Unplug all appliances and take any small valuable electronics with you (computers).
  • Do a final walk around. Check the cabin once more for anything you missed.
  • Take all the garbage with you

That’s it, your cabin or cottage should be good for the winter now and ready for your return. Need storage for your cabin or cottage? We have you covered.

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