Is Clutter Ruining Your Social Life?

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We have numerous blogs on getting rid of clutter, such as the ultimate decluttering guide, check that out if you need some help. Now we are going to move on to some ways that clutter can negatively affect your life, your social life to be exact. So strap in and get ready to face reality.

Is Your Social Life Ruined Due to Clutter?

If you haven’t had any friends over due to the mess that is your home, clutter is mostly likely negatively affecting your social life, unless you don’t like people, then it’s helping. But on a serious note, if the clutter and mess are so bad you are ashamed, it’s time to take some steps to remedy this. We know it’s hard, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Living Areas First

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Start by cleaning up the living areas first, the places where your friends would actively hang out. Seeing this space clean will give you a good boost as you will be able to imagine your friends hanging out. If you are having trouble with finding places to store items, maybe look into renting a self storage unit. They can be had for fairly cheap and will help with the decluttering process.

Bathroom and Kitchen

With all those warm fuzzy feelings flowing through you, it’s time to challenge the kitchen and bathrooms. In our experience, these are the problem areas for people who have clutter issues. Start by cleaning out everything built up in the sink and then move to clear the counters. The bathroom starts in the bathtub/shower and a lot of bleach.

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Remember The Feeling

Once your home is clean, throw a party, invite your friends and show off your hard work. What’s important here to remember the feeling that it brings you, and use that to keep your home clutter-free from now on, your social life will thank you.


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