The Dont’s of an RV Trip

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Provincial travel is now allowed in BC, so grab the RV and go explore! We have had an ongoing series of RV related blogs, and now that the weather is warming up, it might be time to start planning that RV trip you have been wanting to take. There are a lot of things you should do, but what about the things you shouldn’t? Find out right here.

RV Trip “Dont’s”

Don’t “Wing It”

Always have a route planned and take your time. Don’t rush through things, the best part about an RV trip is the journey and the things you see along the way. Make sure you have a solid route planned and make time for plenty of stopping along the way, this isn’t air travel.

Don’t Rely on Technology

Living in an RV means going back to the old school things, DVD’s, CD’s etc, there will probably be no Wi-Fi at the various campgrounds. Time to pack some board-games and movies that will still work regardless of your connectivity situation. If you really need to be connected, mobile hot-spots are a great and affordable way to make sure.

Don’t Over Pack

Space in an RV is tight, and bringing everything you own is a bad idea. Only bring the bare essentials and leave everything else at home, or in a storage unit. This is especially important if there are other people living in the RV, if everyone brings everything, you won’t have room for yourselves.

Don’t Forget to Check The Weather

As you will be driving, the weather and road conditions matter. Before you set out, make sure to check the route ahead for weather conditions. If you are going east, the Coquihalla weather changes rapidly, so be sure to check ahead of time. BC has some great road information at their website. If you are heading south, make sure your RV’s air conditioning is in working order.

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