Flooding in Vancouver? Here’s What to Do

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Flooding Happens – but It Isn’t Insured. What you need to know about your home and storage lockers.

Many parts of Vancouver have experienced local flooding in the past week – maybe a stream overflows or area fire hydrant bursts. That includes self storage units. As we tell renters “Our motto is if it’s worth storing it is worth insuring” However most contents insurance won’t cover floods. So, how can you protect yourself?

“Flood” is defined as water moving over land. Water from a fire hydrant or burst pipe would be covered, however rain, rising rivers etc would not be.

Flooding in Vancouver

How can you help prevent damage in case of a flood?

  • Your home or rental insurance may offer flood coverage. Switch to that from storage insurance, but check that home insurance doesn’t have a small-time limit like 90 days.
  • Get items off the floor by using cheap wood pallets.
  • Or make the bottom layer plastic tote boxes instead of paper boxes.
  • Modify water valves. Install an exterior or interior backflow valve.

What can you do if the water starts rising?

  • Clear gutters and drain valves
  • Move furniture, rugs and anything else valuable to higher floors
  • Shut off all electricity at the breaker panel
  • Elevate major appliances onto blocks to prevent water damage.

Sometimes accidents happen, make sure you have the correct insurance.

North Shore Mini Storage is your number one choice. When flooding happens, store with us.

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