Habits to Stay Organized

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Organization is something that is coveted by many, but achieved by few. At North Shore Mini Storage, organization is our game. We have some habits of organized people that you should be looking to pickup for yourself if your organization skills are lacking.

7 Organization Habits

1. Clean Before You Leave

This is the golden rule of being organized, clean the space before you leave. Any room you are in should be as spotless as the last time you entered it. Just by picking up after yourself each time, you will see huge increases in how clean and organized you can be. Always be looking to clean as you go as well.

2. Everything Has a Home

Everything inside your home should have a space. If it doesn’t then it should be thrown away or stored away. A great way is to label the various storage places inside your home, so there is no question as to what goes where. Make sure that everyone in your home is on the same page as well. This will also help to make finding things easier, no more “lost” keys right before you need to leave for work.

3. Use What You Have

Keep a running list of the things that you have in your home. Never buy more of something that you have already. This will help to drastically reduce clutter in your home. Keeping track of items can be a simple as downloading an app on your phone.

4. Organize Right Away

Never “leave things for later”. Whenever you bring an item into your home, make sure that it has a place to go. This will reduce clutter, anxiety and increase the organization in your home dramatically.

5. No “Junk Drawers”

Every home has one, but they are a bad idea. Junk drawers turn into junk closets and then junk rooms. If you have a junk drawer, toss the stuff out!

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