How To Avoid Your Roommates

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Roommates, this term either makes you happy or extremely uncomfortable. I mean, who doesn’t want a place to call their own. Unfortunately, if you are a student, more specifically, at Capilano University, then you know all too well the struggles with roommates. Good news! We know exactly how you can avoid them.

6 Ways To Avoid Roommates

This could work for parents, your husband or your wife, we don’t discriminate on who you can avoid.

1. Do Your Rota Duties

Come on, please don’t be that guy or girl that just doesn’t contribute to the house. We have all been there and it can get very annoying. Want people to stop bothering you? Do your stuff.

2. Pay Your Dues

House supplies are an even thing. Don’t be that person that tries to short change or pay less than everyone else. A sure-fire way to make sure people bother you is to be cheap on this stuff.

3. Clean Up

Want to avoid people? Don’t give them a reason to talk to you. If you clean up your mess, dishes, pizza boxes, then we are sure you will enjoy pure lonely bliss.

4. Change Up Toilet Rolls

Honestly, it takes 5 seconds to change the toilet paper roll. If you use it, replace it. The last thing you want is a roommate passive-aggressive placing an empty toilet roll on your bed.

5. Quit Hoarding

You know you are out there. You have massive amounts of stuff and it piles up and piles up. Either toss it out or go get a self storage locker, you won’t ever hear your roommates complain again, heaven.

6. Keep Clean

This means your room, and ANYWHERE else you decide to visit. A messy room is a problem should your home have regular inspections. Landlords and RA’s don’t like a mess, so clean up and you can avoid EVERYONE.

Look at that, you have avoided every reason for your roommates to bother you, good job, enjoy the peace and quiet.

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