How Your Home Can Affect Stress

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If you’re feeling stressed out, worried or anxious it could be a ton of different reasons. One reason that not many people take into consideration is their home. That’s right, right in front of your nose the whole time. But why the home? We are going to show you exactly why the home can cause you stress.

Common Causes of Home Stress

We always suggest seeing your medical professional if you are stressed out first to rule out other probabilities.


Running a home and bills go hand in hand. If you have been laid off or are struggling to pay rent/mortgage this can be a significant source of stress in your life. The threat of losing your home can be devastating and will ultimately increase your stress to a breaking point.


If you are working from home, or spend significant amounts of free time at home,  you could be experiencing social isolation.  Social isolation is a known cause of stress for many people. The human condition is to be social, and you need it to remain mentally healthy. A good idea would to be work inside a coffee shop. Sometimes just being around people is enough to de-stress.


You know the saying, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. This rings very true when talking about mental stress. If you work from home, or are a full time mom or dad, having a cluttered home can stress you out. This is an easy problem to fix, rent a self storage unit, and you can take all that clutter and move it elsewhere. Great for kids toys and seasonal items.

These are common sources of stress caused by the home. All are preventable and fixable should they become an issue. It’s important to understand the signs of stress before they become too much. Just remember, a Happy Home is a Stress Free Home.

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