Is That Apartment Really For You?

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Are you apartment hunting? Sometimes even the best place could be all wrong for you, lets make sure that when you’re making this huge choice, it’s the right one.

Is That Apartment Right?

Neighborhood Is Sketch

Getting bad vibes from the neighborhood on your walk-up? Some sure fire way to quickly check if a neighborhood is bad is to see if the tide detergent is locked up at the grocery store. This and the local news will give you enough advice if you want to live here. You can also look at local crime rate statistics.

Talk to Your Apartment Neighbors

The best and most honest advice will come from neighbors, mind you, they may feel offended if you come off as being rude. Make sure to ask about the landlord and look to see how many people are moving in and out. Lots of move outs is a bad sign, move on.

Landlord Lives Far Away

Does your landlord live inside the building? If they do, it’s a positive sign, if they don’t you should find out why, it could very well be a bad sign. The building might be dilapidated, the neighborhood may be bad etc. Make sure to ask around.

Pushy Landlord

If the landlord really pushing you to get into the place? This is often a bad sign, especially if the whole process seems too easy. In Vancouver, the process should be hard, so watch out for obvious signs of bad place. If they don’t bother with a credit or background check, run away.

Your Gut is Key

The number one thing you should listen to is your gut. If something is telling you that this isn’t the right apartment for you, walk away. Don’t rush this process unless it’s absolutely necessary, if you need somewhere to store belongings in the meantime, we offer great storage rates.

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