Make BIG Money When Renting Your Home

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Have you thought about renting your home? It’s a great way to bring in some extra money to help with things like the mortgage, loans or just fun things. You could be making a decent sum of money if you follow these few tips.

Make More Money While Renting

Corporate Events or Parties

Do you have a big backyard? Maybe even a pool? You should look into renting out your home for special events, weddings, parties etc. These events can command some high prices, a single event could net you an entire month of someone renting just for one day. Use Airbnb to advertise, but specify that it’s for events only. This will free your home up for the rest of the month while giving you some nice income.

Rent For Filming

If you have a unique home, or very well decorated home, there could be a need for it in the movie and TV world. Production companies often rent homes of private individuals and they pay well. Keep in mind that sometimes shoots go for days or a week and might just interrupt your daily life. If you can deal with the stress and time commitment, this might be your best bet to make good money when renting.

Rent During Special Events

Renting your home out when a big event comes to town is a great way to make good money. Things like the Superbowl, Olympics  or any other event that bring in tourists is a prime time to list your place to rent. People will frequently pay a lot more for special events because most hotels will be booked well in advance.

Always be careful to whom you choose to rent to, take a deposit and if you can get some references. There are nightmare tenants and the last thing you want are squatters. To ensure your expensive items don’t get damaged, make sure to rent a storage unit to keep them safe and secure.



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