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How to Make Your IKEA Furniture Survives a Move

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Furniture ain’t cheap, and IKEA is the best option when it comes to furnishing a home on a budget. But what do you do when it’s time to move? Either you try and move it all together or take each piece apart. The best and most cost efficient way is to take it apart, smaller space taken up means a cheaper move. ¬†Will the furniture survive? Only if you follow these simple tips.

Make IKEA Furniture Survive a Move

1. Baby Steps

Start small and work your way to bigger and more expensive pieces. Have boxes and plastic bags for smaller pieces that come off the furniture. Always label everything so you know where each piece goes. Make sure to take your time, with IKEA stuff, it’s easy to break so slow down. If you do not plan to take everything, get a storage unit and place the furniture in there for the time being.

2. Instructions

If you lost your instructions, IKEA has all of them online for you so don’t stress. You can find a list of all these right here. Having these during the take down and put together will help immensely. They also have part numbers should you break something, just replace that part.

3. Handle With Care

Arguably the part of the process where you will damage something is during the actual move. Once you have everything disassembled, if you no longer have the original boxes, put all the small things into cardboard boxes. For the larger items like legs and table tops, try to wrap them up as best as you can. Just make sure to label everything really well to avoid any confusion when unpacking.

That’s it! We hope that you and your furniture survive the move, it is definitely possible to do it despite what many people say. IKEA furniture is more durable than you think if you take the right steps.

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