Make The Most of Your Wardrobe

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Everyone could use a little help in organizing and getting the most use of their wardrobe. We are here to tell you how to use self storage to your advantage when it comes to all things clothes.

Making your wardrobe work.

Here we will give you some important tips to be being able to efficiently use your clothes. We all probably have too many pieces of clothing to count, and we often forget about certain items, well no more!

Be Organized.

Simple right? Wrong. Organization is a process that we often struggle with. The big positive of being organized is knowing exactly where every piece of clothing is. Best way to organize is by season and then break it down even further. The organization should help you keep your items to just a portion of the storage unit and leave more storage space for other things.

Use every inch.

Hangers are key here. Use matching hangers, they are designed to sit flush with one another. The amount of space you will save with this tip alone is astonishing. If you find that there is a lot of empty storage space in the hanging area of the closet, you can install extra rods so that you can make use of the wasted space to put up more shirts, pants and dresses.

If you don’t need it, put it away.

Are you really going to use that winter coat in July? How about those suit pants from your wedding? Chances are no, so store it away, but remember to keep it labelled so when the time comes you can grab it in a flash.


Repeat this every few months or so, we are always accumulating more and more items and before you even know it, your closet it full again. De-cluttering every few months allows for more workable space in your home and closets.

We here at North Shore Mini can help you maximize your wardrobe today!

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