Moving to North Vancouver, BC?

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Moving to a new place always has its challenges, but most places are not like North Vancouver, the climate is vastly different from most of Canada. Cold, rainy and sometimes sunny. But no worries, we have you covered, moving to a new place with a new climate can be tough, let us help you out.

Moving to North Vancouver, BC

Adjust your ideas

Moving from any other city in Canada or the USA to North Vancouver is going to be a huge difference and everything you do will be affected. Are you an avid runner? Do you keep a garden? Well, it’s not very fun to run here in the cold and rain, but at least you won’t, get too hot! Gardens also require different things due to the climate.


Moving here means all seasons clothes and lots of them. Some of us may think that Winters here are cold, but that’s because we were born here. Coming from any colder city means you are gonna be hot all year long, budget for the change in wardrobe.


We are friendly here in North Vancouver, talk to as many locals as you can to get a feel for the community and what North Van life is really like. We know the best spots and how to make the most of your time on the north shore from the get-go. Don’t be shy.

Look Into Storage

Self storage is a very popular thing for people moving, make sure that you book ahead of time because spaces fill up faster than you know. If your new place in North Van doesn’t have space, store those too expensive to throw away items with us.

North Shore Mini Storage is North Vancouver’s Premier Self Storage Company, and we offer great rates to local businesses and people who are moving in and out of town. Contact us today for a free quote!

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