Why You Need a Storage Unit During a Divorce

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Divorce can be a very tricky thing. Especially when you have lived with the person for an extended period of time. The key here is to make it as easy as possible on both parties. Self Storage has a special place when it comes to divorce proceedings and we will tell you why you should look into getting one.

Self Storage and Divorce


Who gets what, is a very hard and painful part of a divorce. It’s important to understand what is yours and how to protect it. First thing is first and once you have decided who stays and who goes, it’s time to protect. Assuming you are moving out, gather all your items that are yours and head to a self storage facility. We will set you up with a unit and get you settled in. It’s important to note that no one has access to your stuff except you.


Finding a place to live could be a split second decision. If you have prepared and placed all your things into self storage, it’s easier to move into a smaller space. Often times after a divorce, one party will move into a smaller apartment or temporary housing, making space a big issue.


Divorce is expensive because it’s worth it, or as the saying goes. Keeping your documents safe and secure during your divorce is vital. Often times the other partner will try and gain and advantage by taking documents from one partner and showing their legal counsel. Make sure your documents are protected with a self storage unit.

While self storage cannot help with the emotional part of separation, we can help with the physical aspect. At North Shore Mini Storage, we are here when you need us. You can rest assured knowing your assets are safe with us.

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