Pack Like a Pro for Summer Vacation

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Some people are great at packing, some people need help, and some are just hopeless. With summer vacation in full swing, it’s time for you to start packing like a pro. Don’t let woes of packing get your vacation off to a bad start. With a little help from us, you will go from novice to pro in no time. 2022 looks like the time to finally start travelling again!

Pack Like a Pro

1. Packing Methods

Some people prefer to pack using the folding method, like they would use in their room. The trick is to roll, as tight as you can. Roll jeans, shorts, shirts, pants, anything fabric should be rolled and stuffed in your suitcase. A big plus side to the roll besides space-saving, it doesn’t let your clothes become creased. No iron required!

2. Wear What You Can

If you are finding that your luggage is a bit on the heavy side, try to wear the heavier items. Let’s say you are going somewhere hot, but you have to pack a jacket and sweater just in case, wear the jacket and sweater on the plane, it’s cold anyway. This is helpful should there be luggage wight limits.

3. Stuff Everything

If anything you pack has an inside, stuff it full of clothes. This is perfect for packing shoes, you can place belts, socks or anything fragile inside them. This will save space and keep fragile things from breaking, think sunglasses and jewellery etc.

4. Buy There

No need to bring all your toiletries in your luggage, in most cases they will cost the same or cheaper in your destination. By removing these items, you will save weight and space. Also, make sure to ditch the books, get an e-reader for travelling. If you want to know prices of the destination, checkout this cost of living calculator.

5. Store It

If you are going on an extended trip, you can store your items with us in one of our storage units. We have great long term rates and you can be sure your stuff is safe with us, have some peace of mind when you travel.

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