Self Storage For Your Pop-Up Shop

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You have definitely seen these businesses before, even if you never heard the term. Pop-up business is a distinct and unique style of doing business. Security Mini Storage would be the perfect partner for these business types, and we are going to tell you why and what they are about.

Self Storage and Your Pop-Up

A pop-up business is a business or individual that sells a wide variety of different products or services. What they sell or provide depends on what is hot on the market. For example, these past Olympics in South Korea bring about tons of different merchandise opportunities: Flags, Jerseys, etc… and pop-up businesses realize the market is hot for those items and buy in bulk and try to sell it all before the games are over. Another good example is the hit game “PokemonGo“, this global phenomenon had over 45 million users at its peak. However, the game has a very heavy battery drain on the typical cell phone, requiring mobile power. You guessed it, in the wake of this need, pop-up businesses bought and sold tons of mobile power banks to players, making a fortune.

How can we help?

Where does self-storage come into play with this business? Well, we are the perfect place to store these hot items. Many times, pop-up businesses are buying in bulk and run out of their homes. NO more, we at North Shore Mini Storage will work with these businesses to provide affordable business storage and flexible hours, so that they can grab their items and go. We don’t know what the next fad might be, but we do know businesses are going to need to store those items.

Take the step today and contact North Shore Mini Storage to take your pop-up business to the next level. Call and speak to one of our storage experts today!

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