Use Self Storage When Travelling Abroad

self storage, travelling abroad

Travelling abroad for study or work can be a stressful event. On top of all the things you need to do, one of the major ones is, finding a place to store all your stuff? Some might choose to store at a family or friends home, but what if you don’t want to burden them with the responsibility of all your things?  Self Storage is your answer.

Self Storage & Travelling Abroad

When moving away for an extended period, or even an indefinite period of time, using a self-storage service can put your mind at ease when it comes to your valuables.  The great thing about North Shore Mini Storage, is that we are flexible when it comes to your storage needs. Should you be away for longer than expected, simply extend your term. Read below for all the reasons to choose self-storage while you travel abroad.

Save money.

Using a storage solution in your home town is a great way to save when moving abroad. The cost of shipping items back and forth between countries is extremely expensive. A great idea would be to relocated your apartment items into one of our self storage containers, and purchase a furnished property in your new location.

Avoid border headaches.

No one likes to deal with border line-ups and extended wait times. A lot of common household items aren’t allowed to pass boarders due to differing safety concerns of different countries. Furniture being a major culprit, many countries do not allow untreated wood or wood products to enter their boarders.  This could mean you have to either allow them to discard your furniture or ship it back to your home at your cost.

Lower the cost of your living

The chances are small that the place you have now will be the same size and shape as the place that you live in abroad. Downsizing your living in your new place might be a smart idea to help cut the costs of moving and starting new. It’s an expensive lesson to learn when your current apartment furniture won’t fit in your new home.


Don’t let storage stress you out. Choose North Shore Mini Storage for your travel storage needs. As travel becomes more common place post-covid, it’s time to consider where you are going to store your things.

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