How Separate Rooms Can Keep You Together

seperate bedrooms, couple

Separate but together? What? That’s right, sometimes being apart can actually bring you closer together. We are sure you have heard of this saying before, but it rings so true. This goes for the bedroom especially, having separate bedrooms can make you last longer as a couple, maybe forever.

How Separate Bedrooms Can Keep You Together

1. Better Sleep

Are you with a snorer? This can seriously affect your sleeping patterns and if you are the type to get grumpy from lack of sleep, it could strain your relationship. Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.

2. Allergies

A major cause of allergies lies in the bedroom, and the bedsheets. By having a separate bedroom, you can better control your allergies and quality of life. If your SO has a pet that sheds all day, you can keep it out of your room and say goodbye to allergies.

3. Privacy

We really begin to value our privacy when we move in with someone. In fact, the bedroom is one place where we value it most. Keeping some privacy in the relationship is a great way to stay together longer. Let your room be your private space and you both will be happier.

4. Your Own Space

Your own closet, dresser etc is hugely valuable. If you both have way too many clothes, then having separate storage spaces can really help a relationship. Your rooms also become your own place to dress and organize. Once you each have your own closets, it’s hard to go back to sharing one.

Of course, here in Vancouver, having a two-bedroom apartment for one couple is really unrealistic. But if you can make it work, then you give it a try. It may not be for everyone, but you won’t know until you try. If you two need some extra space, choose us for affordable storage.

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