Small Business Solutions With Self Storage

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Many people associate self storage for personal use; moving, collectors, downsizing, but self-storage has so much more to offer for businesses in particular.

Self storage for small business and commercial use is ideal for storing any medical files, tools, materials, business records, equipment, supplies, extra retail inventory, and so much more. Self storage is perfect for businesses that are going through a transition phase, decluttering the space, so everyone has room to work, or trying to avoid the high cost of renting commercial space for storage. Did you know that self storage is about 60% cheaper than renting a commercial space? The most common businesses using self storage are restaurants, contractors, pharmaceuticals and hospitals, retail stores, movers, realtors. These are just some of the many businesses that use self storage.

Small Business Storage Solutions

Many self storage facilities offer temperature-controlled units, which keep businesses inventories safe from the elements to ensure their products maintain their quality.


Restaurants and bars that have extra tables and linen or additional items from special events or those “just in case” situations in inventory that will not fit in the dining establishment need self-storage. This will help maintain a clutter-free atmosphere for guests and give staff the room they need to fulfill orders and wait tables.


If you are a contractor, you probably have extra materials and tools lying around, things can quickly become unorganized. With self-storage, you won’t have to worry about space. Take advantage of the special pricing for bulk materials. You will always have the materials you need for the job, readily available when you need them.

Pharmaceuticals & hospitals

Every medical facility is in need of some more space. If there are things that aren’t used daily such as patient files, cabinets, equipment, and additional medical supplies, they can be easily and safely stored in a unit with ease of access.

North Shore Mini Storage is the choice for small business storage.

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