What Is Self Storage Insurance?

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If you have ever rented a self storage unit, the property manager probably talked with you about getting insurance that is designed specifically for self storage. At North Shore Storage, we have all the information you need about self storage insurance.

What is Self Storage Insurance?

Self storage insurance is designed to cover the contents of your self storage unit. As with any insurance, it’s there to protect you if anything were to happen to your belongings while they are in storage. Fortunately, most tenants will never have to file a claim, but it’s good to know if something happens to your stuff that you are covered.

Self storage insurance will cover a multitude of things, such as fire and smoke damage, roof leaks, burglary and theft, rodent and insect infestation, natural disasters, and even in transit coverage within a 100-mile radius of your storage unit. When you select one of our third-party insurance options, the manager will provide you with contact information so you can speak with an insurance agent to get answers to any question you could possibly ask.

Another common question is the cost. The property manager can help you decide which level of coverage will best suit your needs, so be sure to ask questions while you are in the rental office. Almost all personal and business property you keep in storage is eligible for coverage.

Many tenants ask why they need to have self storage insurance. We care about your storage experience and your stuff! Trust me, you want your stuff to be covered in case the unexpected happens. And, it is our company policy. It’s up to you whether you purchase a third-party policy through us or provide proof of coverage through your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. There are a few things to keep in mind about choosing our third-party options versus your own policy:

  • Choosing a third-party policies means your contents are covered. Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy may not cover self storage. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent and read over your policy closely to see if you have coverage.

If you have any questions about self storage insurance and why you need it, you can contact us or give our property manager a call and he or she can direct you to the correct person to have your questions answered. As the saying goes, if it is worth storing it is worth insuring!

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