What Not to do in Whistler, BC

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We all love Whistler, especially us here at North Shore Mini Storage However, while there are plenty of things you should do, there are some you definitely do not want to do. Here is a little list of the things you want to stay away from.

What NOT to do in Whistler

1. Don’t hit the slopes for only one day.

Whistlers skiing is world renowned, and it takes much more than just one day to get the full experience. Whistler has two mountains, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. At minimum, you want to spend 2 days, one for each hill.

2.  Don’t eat at lunchtime.

Seems counterintuitive right? Well, Whistler has great places to eat, but during the peak season, it’s extremely busy. If you want to avoid long service and wait times, eat during off hours. Don’t waste the little time you have waiting for food. We recommend packing a lunch and having it on the hill with a view!

3. Don’t arrive late.

Show up at noon to ski? You’ve missed all the fresh powder and it’s now the busiest time for the slopes. Get to the chairs before opening and be the first to hit the runs, you will thank us for this one. We strive to aim for around 7:30am.

4. Don’t ski out of bounds.

Seems simple, but the rescue teams will tell you otherwise. Every year people get lost out of bounds, it may seem like a fun idea, but there are plenty of hidden dangers. Tree wells being a major one, the snow near a tree’s base is very deep, and you could fall right in without a way to get out. If you must, bring a friend.

5. Don’t rent a car to get to Whistler.

This one is assuming you are flying into YVR. There are plenty of better and cheaper options to get to Whistler. Many companies offer shuttle services where you can relax and enjoy the trip up (about 2.5 hours).

Whatever you do in Whistler, make sure to have a blast, it’s truly a unique experience. Whistler is NOW open as of November 25, 2021, so make sure to grab your passes early for the best deals.

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