Lower Retail Business Costs With Self Storage

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Business and self storage go hand in hand. Saving money for your retail business is our number one priority. We are here to ensure that your business has everything it needs when it comes to storage, open with long access hours, you won’t ever be without your items.

Retail Business Costs & Self Storage


The security of your items is the most important thing. We have 24/7 monitoring and a fully gated facility. We also offer storage insurance should something happen. We can almost guarantee that your items are safer with us than inside your retail business.

Run Exclusively

Yes, you can run your entire business exclusively out of one of our storage units. We understand the needs of seasonal businesses, online businesses, and pop-up shops. An affordable place to work out is the difference between making it or not. Many retailers have come to that conclusion, and have saved themselves a considerable amount of money by operating out of a self storage facility.

Document Storage

We know that sometimes it’s not always possible to go paperless. Some retailers have piles of boxes of documents. You need to keep certain things for x amount of years according to the government. With self storage, you can be sure that all sensitive documents will be well protected. By storing these with us you will save considerable working space inside your retail space.


We are also great as solely a place for inventory. Whether it be a seasonal business, or a long term one, inventory is what we do. With our long access hours and onsite staff, you can come and go at a moment’s notice. Nobody in North Van can beat that. Call us today to set up an appointment at our facility. In addition, you can view some of our units right on our website!

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