Holiday Lighting: What Not to Do

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Planning on hanging some Holiday Lighting this year? Well many people who attempt just this end up seriously hurting themselves. Whether due to laziness or misinformation it’s a serious problem during the holiday season in Canada. Here is what NOT to do when dealing with holiday lighting.

Holiday Lighting DONT’S

Staple Through Wires

Might seem like a no brainer, but some people in an attempt to hang Christmas lights use nails or staples. We all know that metal and electricity don’t mix, doing this can cause electrical shock, damage to the lights and potential fires. Use only approved plastic light hangers.

Mix Lights

Outdoor and indoor lights are very different from each other. It is NOT okay to use outdoor-rated lights inside and indoor lights outside. The power that both outputs is different, outdoor lights output a lot of power and heat, making for potential fires if used inside. Indoor lights are not weatherproof and will break if used outside, always check the packaging to make sure.

Leave Lights On

If you love to pay electrical bills than go ahead and leave the lights on. But for the rest of us, invest in a timer and make sure that your lights turn off. Doing this will also preserve the life of your lights, as well as save the planet. If you want to save, invest in LED holiday lights, super power-saving and they last a lot longer.

Store Lights Improperly

When the holidays are over, it’s time to store your lights. Don’t just toss them into the garage and hope for the best, grab a plastic bin and wrap your lights carefully, no need to buy new ones. If you run out of room, rent a small storage unit to help your holiday decoration storage needs.


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