How to Live Alone

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So, you are off to live alone? Well, this can be a very exciting time in your life. You are truly finally free from everyone and everything. Make sure that you have all your stuff together because living alone can be a hard thing to do.

How to Live Alone


You are going to need to manage rent, bills, fun stuff etc. Make sure that you set a strict budget because there is no one to bail you out now if you fall behind on your rent. This means forgets eating out and drinking every night, it’s time to grow up just a little bit.

Know Thy Neighbor

Time to make friends with the neighbors, or at least try to. You never know when you might need something, cup of sugar, dog sitter etc. Getting on friendly terms with a neighbor is a great way to start your living alone adventure. You might even make a new best friends. Your life will soon turn into an episode of Friends.

Make Room For Friends

If you are one of the first of your friends to live alone, get ready for guests. Your friends will be coming over non-stop as a place to hang out away from it. So make it cozy, get a good ouch, a decent TV and make sure to stock the fridge. Just make sure that your friends foot the pizza bill, it is your place after all. If you are feeling cluttered, you know where to go for storage.

Get Some Plants

Now is the time to get some pants and learn to take care of something. Plants are a great way to show yourself and your friends that you are a responsible adult. Just get something that isn’t too easy to kill, we recommend a nice succulent. If you want to take this a step further, maybe get a puppy?

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