Prepare Your Home For an Airbnb Rental

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Are you thinking of turning your home or apartment into a luxurious Airbnb? There are a few things you should note before you make the jump to landlord. More than 200 million people have listed their place on the website since, 2008.

Airbnb Rental Tips

Make it Safe

Time to make sure that every inch of your new Airbnb rental is safe for guests. It only takes one mistake for a lawsuit to hit you. Make sure you cover every exposed wire, the smoke alarms are functioning, and you have valid fire extinguishers available. You should also have emergency contacts available for your guests in case something goes wrong.

Make it Look Good

Nobody is going to rent your listing if it looks like a dump. Give your place a fresh coat of paint, some new furniture, make it look like a hotel. The nicer it looks, the more likely it is going to be rented out. You should store away all your valuables as well, anything you will miss should go into a storage locker.

The Small Things

Think of all the small amenities that your favorite hotel chain provides you. Do your best to replicate that, and your guests will leave great reviews. Extra towels, extra sheets, shampoo and conditioner bottles etc. A safe is a great way to show your guests that you care about them. Don’t forget the tea and coffee as well.

Meet and Greet

Meeting your guests before each visit is a vital part of forming that human connection. If you meet your guests when they arrive, they are more likely to take care of your place better, as they have a face to put behind the property. You should also offer to answer any of their questions if they have never visited the city before.

Before your rent, make sure that you are allowed to, many strata councils and building forbid it. Airbnb can be a great way to make a passive income on a property. Make sure you are fully prepared because it takes a lot of work.

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