Protect Patio Furniture

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Many people aren’t ready for the shock that is the cost of patio furniture. It can be the most expensive furniture you will buy, so it’s important to protect it from the elements. In North Vancouver we have some pretty bad weather, last week’s snow storm being an example. Here are some tips to keep your patio furniture in tip-top shape.

Protect Patio Furniture

Ditch The Tarp

Simple putting a tarp over your furniture will not protect it. Water can still seep in and wind will push that water further in. This will lead to rust forming and any wood patio furniture will expand and potentially crack or rot.

Buy The Right Furniture

What your furniture is made from is the most important part. Pay attention when shopping the material will make a huge difference in longevity. Plastic will last long but fade, wood might rot or crack and metal is prone to rust. Choose something with an aluminum frame and give it a coat of wax to protect it.

Use Proper Covers

Buy the proper patio covers for the weather. As said before, a plain old tarp won’t hold up. Make sure to buy good quality weatherproof patio covers. Make sure they are snug and any wind won’t lift them off the furniture.

Store Patio Furniture

The best way to protect furniture is to store it away in the offseason. If you don’t have room, choose North Shore Mini Storage for your seasonal storage needs.



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