Quickly Organize Your Kids Sports Equipment

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Do you have kids that play sports? Chances are that if they do, your house is full to the brim of sports equipment. Issues and stress in the home often start with no enough space to store things. Don’t let your child’s sports equipment create stress in your life.

Organize Pesky Sports Equipment

Choose a Location

The first step in organizing, is to choose a place to store equipment. Sports stuff tends to be seasonal, so select a place that be multipurpose. In the off season you can pick a more “out of the way” storage location like an off site storage unit. For inside the home, we suggest using a place that is near the entry/exit of the home. This way you can just grab the items you need and head out the door, no searching the house for missing things.

Label and Separate

If you have more than one child, make sure to label everything, names etc and keep the items separate. Fights can start if a piece of sports equipment is being worn by the wrong person. Plastic storage bins are great for this and they can withstand quite a beating, not to mention they might help keep the smell down!

Sports Shoe Racks

Try not to mix up regular footwear with sports footwear. Having a separate shoe rack for sports uses will keep people happier in the home. This secondary shoe rack can also be kept out of the way of the main, as it won’t be used as much.

Dirty Clothes in Laundry

Instill the habit of placing dirty sports equipment inside the laundry hamper. Might be a good idea to grab a secondary “sports only” hamper to keep smelly gear away from the rest of the clothes. “If kids can remember to take off their jerseys and dirty soccer socks and put them in the mudroom or laundry room before they go up to their rooms, that will solve a lot of issues,”

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