Self Storage For Remodeling

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Your wife looks at you lovingly and says she wants to remodel the kitchen, and she wants to get started next week! You grumble a bit and think of all the work you will need to do, but deep down you know the result will be well worth it. Then it hits you, where are you going to put all that stuff? You need to empty the room before you can get started and there is no way you can fit it into the garage. Your wife can tell you are pondering something and can see the frustration building on your face, and then she says, “Why don’t you call North Shore Mini Storage? We can get a storage unit to move all that stuff into!”

Self Storage When Remodeling

Great idea! Renting a self storage unit during a remodelling project makes a lot of sense. This way you don’t have to stuff your garage full of it all and struggle to get around it every day – or park in the driveway like so many people do. I mean, if you have a nice garage, you should be using it for your cars, right? Not to mention, what if you run into a problem or decide to take that project to the next level? Then before you know it that one month project has turned into the entire summer.

Choose a Unit

First things first, you need to decide what you will be moving out of the house to accomplish your project. Based on that list, our property manager can help you choose the best type of storage and the best size unit to suit your needs. We offer all interior access units at our location. Depending on what items you are storing, the type of unit can make all the difference.

Empty Out The House

While you are “cleaning” out for the remodel, you can also figure out if you want to get rid of anything. There is no point in moving it back into your “brand new” room if you don’t want it or it won’t fit the new décor. You can keep those items in storage as well, and dispose of them after the remodel is finished. You can even donate them to a charity or non-profit like Lookout Society here in North Van.

Keep Your Unit or Not

Once you wrap up your remodel, you may decide to move on to the next room in the house. You can either keep your storage unit continuously, or you can move out then come back in a few months and get a new unit when you are ready to start the next project. We are very flexible and here to make your storage experience as easy as can be.

Not only that, but you can move in today! Just stop in the rental office to get started or call and speak with the property manager for more information. Or, you can reserve a unit for a future move-in date.

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