Tips For Fall Cleaning

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You may not like it, but as we approach mid-September, it’s time to think about Fall cleaning. Fall brings back to school, cold weather (for some) and all the things we love about summer coming to a close. However, fall cleaning shouldn’t be hard, and we have some tips to help you through it.

Fall Cleaning Tips

Supplies in each room

One way to save time is to have cleaning supplies in each and every room that needs regular cleaning. This will help you be more efficient as you don’t have to lug around supplies to different corners of the home. It also saves you from buying supplies as often, when each room has its own cleaner, the less frequent you need to buy.

Get rid of summer clothes

Put away the bathing suits and stash the shorts. Save space by storing away your summer clothes. While you are doing this, you can even decide to throw away or donate certain items that will not be coming back out next year. This does two things, saves space and helps the less fortunate.

Clean in Order

Top to bottom is the best way. By having a process, it will allow you to become more efficient when you clean. If your cleaning is erratic, there is a good chance you will not get every nook and cranny.

Don’t forget those hidden spots

We have complied a little list for those forgetful but important places that are often overlooked for fall cleaning.

  • Walls, baseboards, cabinets
  • light fixtures
  • air vents, wall and ceiling fixtures
  • door frames
  • under cabinets and counters
  • small, tricky corners
  • underneath and behind furniture and appliances

Whenever you decide to face fall and start the clean, be sure to follow these tips. If you need to store summer items such as patio furniture and pool toys, contact North Shore Mini Storage today for the most affordable storage in North Vancouver.


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