3 Items Made For Self Storage

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Once in while we think of the perfect items that go hand in hand with our Self Storage units. At North Shore Mini Storage, we have put together the top three items that are perfect for self storage. Take a look below.

3 Perfect Self Storage Items


That’s right, tires are one of three items. If you think about it, no one wants dirty old tires hanging around their homes. You may think that storing tires at the dealership is the perfect option, but do you really want the added pressure that comes along with trying to retrieve those tires? By pressure we mean the sales pressure that the dealership puts on you to let them install you Summer/Winter tires. Not at Stop and Store, we don’t do tires installs, just grab them and go to your choice of tire installer.


The beauty of antiques is that they are irreplaceable and contain lots of history. But the downfall of antiques is that they don’t always fit in with the decor of your home. So if you have an item you cant throw away, and one that can’t stay inside your home, what do you do? You’ve already guessed it, self storage. The best item for self storage is next.

Childhood Memories

Now, it may sound mean, but do you honestly want all your child’s memories from their younger days taking up space? No. In fact, the only reason you keep it is because they may want it later in life. If they have conveniently moved out already without taking these things, and you don’t want to take up space in your home or toss them, you guessed it again, self storage. Make everyone happy.

That’s all for the top 3 items for self storage. We at North Shore Mini Storage would love to get your take on the best times, leave a comment below and be sure to reserve a space for it!


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