Don’t Ignore These 3 Storage Facility Issues

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When it comes to selecting a storage facility to store your items, it’s important to find a convenient, well priced and safe facility. However, these are not the only things you should look for when choosing a facility. Make sure you actually visit a location before you commit to renting a storage unit because problems can creep up on you faster than you can move your items out. Here are 3 maintenance issues you should never ignore when selecting a facility.

Storage Facility Issues

1. Roofing

If you are able to see the top of the facility’s roof or even the ceiling of the unit you are looking at, make sure it is free of leaks and damp spots that can turn into major flooding in your unit. If somehow a leak does spring and ruins your items, you may not be able to recover anything and insurance might not cover the loss, leaving you in the dark with money and priceless items gone.

2. Malfunctioning Doors

You want easy access to your items when you visit your unit. Doors that get jammed or stuck when rolling up are an easy tell that the facility is not cared for. If the company doesn’t take care of its doors you can be sure there are larger problems at hand.

3. Parking Lot/Crumbling Asphalt

When pulling into the facility you are looking at, make sure to have a look at the ground. Issues such as cracking and potholes means the company doesn’t keep up appearances and can lead to issues with your unit or even your car.

A good idea when looking at potential storage facilities is to have a look at a few and narrow it down to a few. Once you have selected these you should bring a friend along for a fresh set of eyes. They may see something you overlooked and can help in the final decision.

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