5 Brilliant Storage Ideas

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Need some FRESH ideas for the home? Well, you have come to the right place. We have the 5 best, more unexplainably brilliant storage ideas. You may think these are a bit “out there” but boy will they bring some charm and talking points to your home. Check them out below!

Brilliant Storage Ideas

1. The Storage Ladder

Forget climbing anything with this unique storage ladder. Simply made for decoration and storage, it brings a rustic charm to any bathroom or bedroom. It may look out of place in the Kitchen but to each their own.

2. Mason Jar Storage

Finally a use for all those mason jars you have lying around the home. Clean them up and use them to store everything from q-tips to cotton balls.

3. Coffee Table Crate

Get that Montauk beach house feels with this DIY coffee table crate. The colours are up to you, just make sure they match.

4. Storage Bed

Running out of space in the kid’s room? Not anymore, with this DIY storage bed, you can be sure that your child will have all the storage space he or she needs. This is especially ideal for children who share a room, making space extra tight.

5. The Rope Bowl

This is especially useful for fruit and smaller items around the home. But how do you make this clever bow? It’s simple really just follow these steps:

  1. Get a real bowl in the size you want to make your rope bowl.
  2. Get some nice looking rope.
  3. Start to wrap your rope around the outside of the bowl you chose.
  4. Glue each layer of rope on top of one another as you make your way
    around (use hot glue).

We hope you enjoyed these storage ideas. Next time you need some space, you know what to do! If you ever run out of space, North Shore Mini Storage has great and affordable storage units.

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