5 Essential Fall Cleaning Chores

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The weather is cooler, the air is crisp, and your home is still a mess. So much for starting a new season fresh, but it’s not too late. Time to make good on your fall cleaning promises. If you aren’t sure where to start, you have come to the right place, here we have our top 5 fall cleaning tips. If you want a guide on spring cleaning, we have one, too.

Fall Cleaning Tips

1. Cabinets and Cupboards

This means removing all the dishes from inside and giving the insides a good cleaning. You want to use gentle cleaning products in here as you eat your food off these items. Try some bleach and warm water or a gentle dish soap for really grimy insides. Let them dry thoroughly before you put everything back, you don’t want mildew.

2. Appliances

Often neglected, how dirty is that counter top grill? Take all your counter top appliances and give them a good scrubbing. This means getting underneath them as well, you will amaze at how much gunk can build up. Again, make sure they are thoroughly dry before using, you don’t want to get shocked or have them short out.

3. Walls

For people with children, this is especially important. Kids like to put their hands everywhere, especially your nice white walls. Grab a sponge and some soap and water and get cleaning. Another alternative is to use a cleaning pad like the Mr. Clean ones, no water to clean up.

4. Decluttering

Nothing says clean like a home with free space. You want to be able to use your home the way it was intended and not as a storage unit. In fact, use us as your storage unit, we have every size you need and you can finally live clutter-free.

5. Baseboards

An often forgotten part of the home. We almost never look down, but if you look at your baseboards you will see some gunk built up and tons of dust. Grab a damp rag and get cleaning!


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