5 Unique Storage Unit Uses

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Storage units do not have to be boring. People use their storage units for a whole of many things. We have searched high and low, and we have finally found the unique ways to use self storage units. North Shore Mini Storage has seen it all, and now you can see what we see. Always be sure to ask us first before you do anything listed below!

5 Unique Ways to Use a Storage Unit

Make A Gym


Now, this is best done if your storage unit has access to the outdoors. It’s a little bit harder to do when you are using an indoor storage unit. You can either put the gym right inside the unit, or make space inside your home/apartment and create a home gym there. Sites like Craigslist have cheap and sometimes free equipment.


Painting, drawing, making, whatever you do, a storage unit could be perfect for you. Using a storage unit as your studio gives you the benefit of peace and quiet, with a space to store only studio related things. This also takes stress off your already cramped home.



Have a ton of paintings but no wall space? A storage unit is right up your alley. Here you can store, protect and show off your art collection to potential buyers or friends. With our climate controlled units, your art will stay in tip-top condition all year round.

Emergency Storage

Are you a “Doomsday Pepper“? Then you need to get into self storage. Keep all your supplies, food and essentials right in one place. With flexible hours, your stuff is available when you need it. Don’t take up space in your home, use ours.


Music Studio

Yes, we have even seen the odd music studio or two pop up. Storage units are a great place to jam out or produce some killer tracks. They are often quiet and insulated, and there is no need to put your stuff away, just leave it as it is. A space your band can call its own.

Think you know some unique uses for storage units? Leave a comment down below!


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