Boat Storage Tips

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You probably spent way more than you wanted on your boat. There is no denying the costs that go into owning and operating a boat each year. So when you go to store your boat during our Canadian winters, you want to make sure you do it right. Follow these boat storage tips before you store.

Boat Storage Tips


Get started with the interior of the boat:

  • Remove all the fabrics from the inside, cushions, pillows, anything mesh. This will help prevent mould.
  • Use a moisture absorber in the interior to suck up any excess moisture. Kitty Litter works really well here.
  • Remove any electronics that are not “part” of the boat.


  • Coat the engine with a rust preventer.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer inside the tank to prevent corrosion. Preferably, have the tank full to also help with corrosion prevention.
  • Take out the battery and place it on a trickle charger.


  • Give it a good clean and a wash, and get rid of any scum from the lake/ocean.
  • Apply a fresh coat of wax.
  • Get a boat cover, much like a car cover, this will help keep the outside elements out.

Store It

Find a self storage facility that offers storage for boats. Otherwise, many marinas offer out-of-water boat storage for the winter season. Keep in mind, that this will unlikely be covered, and your boat might be exposed to the elements. If you have the room, use your garage, it offers peace of mind and you can control more of the storage factors. Wherever you choose to store your boat, make sure that you purchase storage insurance. If something happens outside your control, you will be happy you are covered. Keep in mind, that home insurance may NOT cover your boat, so double-check with your agent.


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