Don’t Be Buried By Gifts This Season

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This past Christmas and holiday season we are sure that you received many gifts, some small, some big. Now’s the time, the “holiday hangover” when you realize you need to do something with the gifts you received. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of gifts and what to do with them. Well at North Shore Mini Storage, we have one simple trick that will allow you to remain clutter-free in this new year.

Don’t Let Gifts Clutter Your Life

That one simple trick? Donate 2 things you no longer use for each item you receive. It’s not as bad as it seems, you will be surprised how much stuff you have.


That is right, you do not need all that stuff you have. If you have received something this past holiday season and you already have a duplicate, donate that duplicate. Following the 2 to 1 rule, allows you to free up clutter from 2019 while doing good for others. We are sure if you looked hard enough you will find plenty of things you haven’t used in years. Might as well get rid of some stuff and replace it with the new stuff you received.


Somethings you have may not be donate-able, well don’t worry you can always just toss it out. It’s much better to throw away things before they really begin to pile up. Some people have issues with throwing things away, if that’s you then the next section might be more your style.


Of course, you have things you don’t wanna lose but you don’t have room for. So self storage comes to your rescue. You can rent a small locker for just a few things, or go big and start to fully de-clutter the house. A great 2021 new year’s resolution!

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