How to Organize Electronics

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Are you a major “techie”? Chances are, you have more electronics than you know what to do with. Keeping your stuff organized will help extend its life, make it easy to find, and keep you sane. We have the best practices organizing electronics in your home or work space.

Organize Electronics The Right Way

Divide and Conquer

Dive right into your electronics drawer and pull everything out. Divide each item by its type, cords with cords, controllers with controllers etc. Lay everything out on the floor and get a mental map of all the things that now need storage. During this process, you might want to make a “toss out” pile of  stuff that you haven’t used in years. Make sure to recycle all electronics at the proper recycling facility.

Storage or Donation

If you have some bigger electronic items that are taking up way too much space in your home, you can donate, recycle or store them. If the items are somewhat valuable, we suggest a storage unit if your home isn’t an option. Make sure you store electronics properly as they can be very sensitive.

Make a List

Just like packing a storage unit, keep an inventory list. This will help you know what you have and where it is. We have spent too much looking all around the house for an item to realize it was some place completely different, trust us, a list will help you so very much.

Remove Batteries

Something we often forget and are guilty of is leaving batteries in electronics we don’t use often. This only really applies to items that have removable batteries. Keeping batteries inside electronics for long periods of time can cause leaks and permanent damage to those devices, always remove them when you can. Remember to recycle old batteries as well, don’t toss them in the trash.

As time goes on, some electronics lose value, while some may increase in value. By storing them properly, you can ensure that whatever happens, they will still work.

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