How to Store Coffee Forever

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Coffee might be the force that drives the world. It’s the most consumed beverage on earth. With this fame, coffee has evolved to have thousands of different blends, from very cheap cups to cups that cost hundreds of dollars. Almost all Americans have coffee in the home, but are you storing it right to maximize its freshness?

How to Store Coffee


The most important part of storing coffee is the location you choose. You should have your coffee in an airtight container. Most containers that coffee comes in are not the best when storing for the long term. You really want to take all the air out. You could use zip-lock bags or better yet, storage containers with the lid pumps that remove the air inside. Once you have the container, choose a location out of sunlight (cupboard).

Ground v Wholecup, coffee, java

If you buy your coffee in whole grounds, you might just grind them right away and store them away. This is wrong, by pre-grinding your beans, you expose them to oxidation, ruining the flavour and strength of the beans. Always make sure that you grind your beans as you need it. Storing the beans whole will produce much better tasting drink. You can tell the freshness of grounds is they appear wet or shiny. What’s the difference between whole and ground coffee beans?

No Moisture

Many people think that storing coffee beans/grounds in the fridge or freezer will help to keep them better longer. This is wrong, and by storing them in such a humid environment you are exposing them to moisture. Once coffee grounds are exposed to moisture, their flavour will deteriorate. Make sure that you always keep your beans/grounds stored in a dry and moisture-free environment.
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