How to Store a Painting

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If you are an artist or art is just a hobby, there will come a time when you need to store a painting or one of your artworks. Will you be ready to store it when the time comes? At North Shore Mini Storage, we have put together a great guide on storing your paintings.

Store a Painting Right

1. Wrap

Two ways to wrap a painting. If the painting or artwork has a glass front, make sure to tape the glass in case it breaks, the glass will stay put. If the painting is just canvas, wrap it in plastic and cut some small holes in the back of the painting to allow the material to breathe (especially important in long-term storage). Using specialized art storage boxes can help as well.

2. Mark

Make sure to mark the box or cover that the painting will sit in. Use words like “Fragile” or “Handle With Care”. This will let the movers and anyone helping you to take extra care when moving this art piece.

3. Don’t Stack

Do not place anything on top of art pieces. The stress that weight will cause on the canvas paper might rip the paintings. Try to store paintings side by side and clear of any heavy objects that could possibly fall on top of them.

4. Specialize Movers

If the art piece you are moving is of great value, look into the professionals. There are moving companies that specifically deal in high-end art and will make sure that your piece arrives safe and sound.

5. Proper Storage

If you plan to store the art in a storage unit, make sure that the unit is climate controlled. You do not want the heat or cold ruining the artwork. It’s a small cost that will ensure you can store your painting year round.

North Shore Mini Storage offers climate controlled storage, your art will be safe with us.

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